Aug 19, 2009

Transfer Factors

Completely unique.

Transfer Factor molecules are completely unique. They contain information that can be transferred from one immune system to another. That means that your body can borrow the immune education it needs to Recognize, Respond to, and Remember unwanted threats. 4Life Transferceutical™ Products truly provide the ultimate in immune system support.

We’re Exclusive

When it comes to immune system research, 4Life took the lead in 1998 and never let go. We’ve created a new category of immune system research called Transferceutical ™Science. Our science is backed up with multiple patents – and studies that show a record-breaking 437 percent boost in immune cell activity.


4Life leads the way in Transferceutical™ Science. We’re constantly breaking new ground and looking for new ways that we can provide immune system support for you. Our latest innovations, the Tri-Factor™ Formulas, both boost and balance the immune system, aiming for optimal regulation.

4Life Transferceutical™ Products are unique, patented and cutting-edge—improve immune system function by up to 437%.

A preliminary scientific test suggests that 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula strengthens your immune system guard by increasing the number of protective IgA antibodies.

4Life is the leader in Transferceutical™ Science, but really, it’s about showing the world just how good healthy can feel. When your immune system is working well, your body has energy to focus on other activities… like running after your four-year-old or getting a basketball game in after work.

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